Parent company Jash, founded Energy Engineering Services Factory
(EES Vessel Heads) to serve the oil and gas sector in Saudi Arabia and internationally. World class specialists in the manufacture of Single Piece Vessel Heads, Dished Ends, Hemi-spheres and Dome and Floating roofs for the pressure vessel and storage tank industries.
EES Vessel Heads unique production facilities and technical expertise allows them to produce the world’s largest single piece 2:1 semi-elliptical head of 7.3 meters diameter. EES Vessel Heads can press and form to 100mm thickness and has a wide experience working with carbon and stainless steels, duplex and clad.

The backbone of EES Vessel Heads is its Quality Systems and procedures from ISO to ASME and beyond, Quality is our pride.

Located in Jubail, Saudi Arabia; EES Vessel Heads is strategically located to serve the Kingdom’s oil and gas sector and international customers.


Single Piece Vessel Heads Hemispherical Heads Dome Roofs Cones & Toricones Hot Pressing Crown & Petal Heads